Questions & Answers

How long do we have you for on the wedding day?

We offer full-day coverage. We don’t watch the clock and are flexible, and we won’t rush out if a moment hasn’t been captured like other photographers. A typical day will run 9 hours on average.  During the getting ready process, I (Christine) will cover the bride and my second photographer will cover the groom. We will also separate during other points in the day like during group portraits one of us will cover detail shots, and etc.

How does the engagement session work?

I send you a list of engagement location ideas, and you pick two (or if you have your own idea), and you also bring two outfit changes to the shoot. We meet at the first location, usually around 3-5PM, take the first round of shots, then go to the second location and catch the sunset, or do the sunset at the first location and then night shots at second location. If necessary I will bring a lighting assistant, if needed.

How are your packages different than other wedding photographers?

We don’t deal with printing, so we send you all of the digital proofs directly or on a USB drive. You also have the option of us uploading your collection to Instaproofs and your family can order prints through there. Not having to buy prints from your wedding photographer saves you money, we get to focus on shooting and editing, and everyone is happy. 🙂

Do you offer wedding books?

Yes! Infact, I include books in most of my packages. My most popular book style is a large coffee-table style book, professionally printed, hardcover, with a cover photo wrap. I have examples to show in my consultations.

What do I need to send you before my wedding day?

All we really need from you is a timeline, and if you would like to send us one, a shot list, but the shot list is not necessary. When you or your planner/coordinator sends the timeline over I can go over it with you or them to make sure the timing looks right as far as the photography.

I also always recommend to have a special or wooden hanger for the dress at the start of the day, all rings with the bride in the morning so I can photograph them then, and bring the wedding invitation.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I’m a Nikon shooter for photo although I also own Canon cameras for video; I have just been using Nikon equipment for years so it’s what I’m most comfortable with and get the best results from as far as photos go. I own a Nikon D4 and Nikon D700 as my backup camera and shoot with mostly prime lenses which are great and fast in lower lighting conditions. My favorite lenses are my 35 1.4 and 85 1.4. The rest of my team mostly use Canon 5D IIIs.

What kind of photobooth do you offer?

Our photobooth is an open air style that comes with a 3rd photographer, onsite printing, studio strobe lighting, and a large touchscreen guests can use to start and stop their mini photo sessions and see themselves in. There is also a customizable backdrop, 3.5 hours of coverage plus 1.5 hours setup time, a variety of props, and photobooth album included for guests to paste their photos in with a message. I believe this type of photobooth is superior to the closed versions because the size is customizable, you can fit as little or as many as 20 people in one photo, the lighting is professional strobes and the photographer utilizes a full frame DSLR. Additionally, you get all these photos sent to you in full res after the wedding.