Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I am a photographer whose work has evolved from dramatic high fashion type artistic shots to artistic wedding photography. In college many of my classmates enjoyed taking pictures of small details of life– a piece of thread on the ground, a broken VCR, etc. That just wasn’t my thing. I liked to shoot dramatic black and white and color portraits of people. There needed to be an element there that made it “different”.

Artistic Photo journalistic Style for Wedding Photography

As someone who also has a bit of a natural knack for writing and telling stories, I also loved to shoot photo journalistic type shoots- but would incorporate my own artistic style into every shot. I did this by choosing unique backgrounds, using dramatic lighting, angles, and making sure I got that one special moment.

Wedding photography seemed like a natural progression for me. I like not only telling the story in my photos of every couple I shoot, but also documenting every detail of that special day– and showing it in such a way that many of my clients when they see their shots comment that they “look like they belong in a magazine!”. I’ve refined my techniques over the years, found a great team of other talented photographers, and I love my work and clients.

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