About Us


Hi! My name is Lark, and taking pictures is my full-time job. When I am not taking pictures, I am: painting, reading, geeking out about plants and interior design, planning trips, and/or drinking coffee.

I love photographing people in Los Angeles because there are so many different types of terrains and varieties of outdoor locations to work with.. SF & NYC have so many magical spots and amazing rooftop views and sunsets. I also enjoy taking pictures in the rain and during magic hour, using strobes outside of the studio, and taking documentary/candid photos of all the mini-stories happening on a wedding day.

My approach is to capture the spirit and emotion of your wedding in an artistic and creative way while at the same time revealing moments that might have gone unnoticed. I’m lucky to document love and photograph two souls committed to the promise of forever, and have fun while doing it!

Thank you for visiting the site and I look forward to getting to know you and photographing your wedding. x